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Admin Application

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Admin Application

Post by Rickzki on Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:55 pm

Steam&Ingame Name:|FP| |KDG| Rickzki/Rickzki
Steam profile URL:Cant post it until 7 days
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:58945532

Gmod playtime:1959 Hours

Donation amount:Dont Have a Cridet Card

Why you want to be admin:Ive Seen Much People Ruining the server and destroying it and id never want to see a server i development and in such greatness be ruined like this as i have much experience and in same time i seen the lack of experience of your current staff members like Staff dont know whats Self Supply/Power gaming-Meta gaming.as ive seen i dont want to say names some staff member said that NLR doesnt apply at raiding some one if his friends tell him come help us at the raid.and in fact that is toatly dumb and ive never seen some one say such answer even players who just learnt whats NLR.So Basicly i want to help the server as even ive reported some exploits i could help in developing and tons of suggestions! PS:Im Pretty Experienced with ULX,Whos Ist Razz!

Admin experience:SA on FoXyRP-Ex SA on Shadow RP-Moderator on KDG-Ex SA on some server that was shutten down.

What can you do to the server:I Could Help Stop Exploits as ive reported few already i could give the commuinty such great ideas to make the players feel comfy and relaxed and have fun with No problems on the server and make sure they have a good stay so they can come back later and maybe even donate.i can get rid of those minges and people who just always like ruining others fun just for thier own fun.


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