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Admin Application SpeenTime

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Admin Application SpeenTime

Post by SpeenTime on Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:44 am

type SpeenTime in add friend and then i will accept
i don't know how to get it
800+ hours
i want to donate £5 soon
i want to be admin because it would be a nice experience getting noticed by people and getting respected more often and so i could help the server grow.
i have been admin before on my friends friends darkrp server and another 2 darkrp servers i was moderator on 2 of the servers and i actually dont mind getting moderator or admin.
i can get more people to play it and have a good time i will also ban people who are attempting to ddos the server i will give them the Almighty BAN HAMMER.


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Re: Admin Application SpeenTime

Post by GeneralElite on Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:03 am

Hey SpeenTime

My name is Robin.
my rank is Co-Owner.
In-game name is FWOwner GeneralElite.

sorry but we are looking for some older admins right now.

and if you want to be admin for getting more respect and getting noticed i am sorry to tell you that it is not that kind of admins we are looking for.

but thank for you're support and you are more then welcome to keep playing.
and any donation is highly appreciated. Smile


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