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Farmer Hotler admin application

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Farmer Hotler admin application

Post by farmer_hotler on Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:06 am

Steam&Ingame Name: Sir baddas farmer Hotler , Muslim jesus
Steam profile URL:steamcommunity.com/id/engineering
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:27731361

Gmod playtime:total : 717 hours +

Donation amount: 0 , no credit card

Why you want to be admin: I've been admin on servers before and i've always respected the rank with no abuse , i even reported various other staff members abusing (i was on the same server as pleez before he can tell you about it). as an admin i don't value myself higher than the average player and i always look at all sides of the story before punishing (example , somebody gets rdmed , i ask the rdmer , rdmed and if possible any witnesses before punishing). i've played on the server for couple of hours and i've seen stuff happen but haven't seen a lot of staff yet (except pleez)but then again i never contacted any staff yet because i didn't see anybody breaking a rule or reporting me yet

Admin experience:Very very old Mta SA server (that's multi theft auto san andreas) used to be admin there was loved , chromerp gmod rp server , server has been shut down due to an abusive co-owner and i was an admin on that (also loved by players and haven't had any complaints )

What can you do to the server:I can be very active , 1 hour or more a day if needed and multiple hours in weekends , I often stay calm and respond to everybody if they ask for an admin to appear. a lot of my hours of gmod went into RP , i've played almost every kind of rp but i stillthink darkrp is the best and this is one of the better servers where not everything is restricted to players and a nice leveling system that does reward the players


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Re: Farmer Hotler admin application

Post by GeneralElite on Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:39 am

Hello. My name is Robin.
My rank is Co-Owner.
My In-Game name is [FWHAdmin] GeneralElite

i am gonna add you on steam. i liked you'r reqest alot.
we will talk more on steam Smile


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