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DarkRP Rules

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DarkRP Rules

Post by Bradz on Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:01 am

Before you play:
• Please set a realistic roleplay name before you begin playing using /rpname First Last eg. /rpname John Smith.
• Press F4 for the Darkrp Menu, you will find different categories here such as Jobs.
• Pressing F1 will show you all the useful commands.
• If you need assistance or want to report someone use @ for admin chat although you must state a reason. eg. @ Could you please help me, i just got rdmed.

Please take some time to read the server rules below, this is your ONLY warning.

Basic Rules:
• When calling an admin, state a proper reason why you require them in admin chat. (@)
• If an admin tells you to do something, do it.
• You must have a realistic RP Name. (Type: /rpname "first name" "last name", e.g '/rpname John Smith')
• Do not hack/exploit/cheat. (This is a permanent ban without question.)
• Do not troll/flame/minge. Just don’t be annoying and RP properly.
• NO discrimination based on age, gender, race, sexual preference, religion or country.
• Respect ALL admins and players. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
• When calling an admin in admin chat (@) State a proper reason why you require an admin.
• Do not kill someone for no reason. This is known as "RDM" or "Random Death Match". This is an RP Server; you must have a valid reason to kill someone.
• Do not break NLR (New Life Rule). When you die you forget everything from your previous life, you can't go back to the area you died within 5 minutes.

General Rules:
• Do not crush bodies with props.
• Do not insult the admins. They are here to help you, not to be insulted. Any discrimination against admins will be dealt with an immediate kick/ban.
• No inappropriate sprays.
• You can not force someone to give you their ATM PIN or get money out.
• Do NOT advertise other servers, websites, or recruit on this server.
• An admin's ruling is final. If you have a problem with their decision, take it up with them in a civil manner on the forums.
• No microphone spamming. E.g. roleplaying a busker is OK, but screaming/spamming through your mic is not.
• Make your player model and physics gun realistic. NO very bright/neon colours.
• New Life Rule means that you are literally starting a new life, the new character knows nothing that the old character did. So if the old character knew where the gang's base was, the new character will not and can't immediately go there as if they did.
• You cannot advertise/OOC your store or base to be raided, use /cr to cry out for help (hopefully Police comes to your aid).
• You cannot force people in a situation where they have a high chance of death.
• No Racist Roleplay.
• Exploiting ammo or kind of shipment will revolve in a permanent ban from our server

Base Building and Prop Rules:
• You may have only 3 keypad activated door/prop per base.
• Do not have props that are invisible try to apply realistic materials/colours to props.
• Do not prop kill/block/trap/surf/spam. You're allowed to prop block when you are building a store or shop, but you must have NO valuables inside. Valuables include money printers, gun shipments, drug shipments, etc.
• Do not spawn props in other people’s homes/property without their permission.
• Custom walls/fences can't be any higher then a default/world fence,
• Every base must have a lockpickable/keypad crackable entrance for raiders/robbers.
• All fading doors must be activated for at least 6 seconds in length (or toggled).
• All keypads/buttons connected to a fading door must be within a meter distance of that door, and they CAN NOT be hidden.
• You can not have no-collided walls in order to gain an advantage on your opponent.
• Bases CAN NOT have holes or fences (murder holes) where one can shoot the criminals when raiding.
• ALL Base defenses/cover must not have a top section and can't be any higher than a concrete barrier.
You are not allowed to use WireMod keypads or keycards as normal/faded doors.
• No doom forts (massive custom build places, large walls). Lots of props in a custom building will slow the server down considerably. Just putting a wall/fence around your base is okay, so long as it's not too high and it makes sense roleplay-wise.
• Do not 'Printer Bomb'. This is where you pick up a burning printer and use it to destroy someone or something when it blows up.
• Parts of the map can be claimed, but this is totally at the admin's discretion, you must ask and give a valid explanation as to why you need land. You must also follow PowerRP in the sense that your group has the required power to control the territory.

Combat/Raiding Rules:
• You can't raid the same place for a minimum of 5 minutes.
• You can't bunny hop (Jump repeatedly to avoid things) to get away from danger, combat or being arrested. Doing so is FailRP.
• When raiding you're not allowed to kill anyone unless they have a weapon out, this means they are a threat to you. It's FailRP if you instantly kill them and they have no weapons. You must force them against the wall or keep them company, watching them as you raid.
• Medics can not heal during combat.
• You are not allowed to purchase health or armor during a fight.
• You cannot use explosives around/at unarmed personnel.

Vehicle Rules:
• Do NOT freeze/physgun your car unless you are building with it.
• Don't build a custom car (e.g. using the wheel tool) without an admin's permission.
• Do not drive on the right side of the road, drive on the left side. (Danish Road Law)
• If you hit someone get out of the car and roleplay it.
• Drive slowly along busy streets. Any CDM will result in removal of your car and possibly a kick/ban.
• No intentional carbombing.
• Do NOT raid bank before typing it in advert (/advert)

Job and Demotion Rules:
• Do NOT sell/buy any jobs.
• Do as your job title says, do not abuse it or become something that you aren't even using. You also can't use the custom job (/job) to become another class, e.g. a Citizen pretending to be a Police Officer.
• If you choose a job you must RP that job. E.g. a Gun dealer not selling guns,
• You must discuss all demotions for at least 1 minute, and ask if anyone wants to object. If there are valid objections from people other than the person being demoted, then you must drop the demotion.
• Do not demote someone just because you dislike them or you want their job. The demotion system is designed to remove people from jobs they are abusing (or demoting corrupt police/mayor when they are arrested with evidence of being corrupt).



- Salary: $45
- Limit: Unlimited
- Purpose: Basic city life
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: Nothing

You spawn as this job.The citizen makes a small salary, and has no special purpose. This job is mainly for if you are just wanting to do some base building or chilling out around town. If you don't intend on serving a cause while playing, it is recommended to go this job to prevent job sitting.


- Salary: $65
- Limit: 4
- Purpose: To enforce the law and arrest law breakers
- Special Privileges: You may arrest (send to jail) players breaking Dark RP laws.
- Spawns with: Arrest Baton ; Unarrest Baton ; Stunstick ; Weapon Checker ; Battering Ram ; Glock Pistol ; Keypad Cracker

The police job is used to arrest people that are breaking the Dark RP laws. The Dark RP laws can be found in the motd or as a sticky in the "Dark RP" section of the Forum.

If someone is breaking a law from the Dark RP laws, you may use your arrest stick to arrest them. Equip the arrest stick and left click while looking at the player to arrest. You must be near the player (somewhere within 3 feet). Beware: The arrest stick doesn't always work the first time. You may have to chase the player down.

You may make a player wanted (if they break the law) by typing "/wanted <name>" or going to the F4 menu. This will put a display over the player's name showing all police that the player is wanted by the police and should be arrested on sight.

If you arrested a player and did not mean to, or the player paid bail, you may use the unarrest stick to unarrest the person. Simply go to the jail, look at the player through the cell window, and left click with the unarrest stick equipped.

The weapon cheker can be used to check weapons if and only if you have a completely valid reason. You may NOT weapon check randomly. Left click the player while looking at them with the checker out to weapon check.

The battering ram can be used to unlock locked doors. You may only use the battering ram if you have a search warrant for the player. To request a search warrant, type "/warrant <name>" or use the F4 menu. If the warrant is approved by the mayor, you may use the battering ram to unlock the door. Same goes for the keypad. You must have a warrant to keypad crack someone's base as a cop.

You may grant gun licenses as the Police job IF there is no Chief of Police, and also no Mayor. To grant gun licenses, bring up the F4 menu, and click "Give gun license to the player you are looking at". You must, obviously, be looking at the player. Or, if the player requests a gun license, a prompt should appear on the left side of your screen. Simply click 'Yes' or 'No'. With a gun license, you may own illegal guns without being arrested.

Mob Boss

- Salary: $60
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: To direct crime
- Special Privileges: Can write the agenda for the gangsters
- Spawns with: Unarrest Stick ; lockpick

The mob boss can write the agenda for the gangsters. To write the agenda, type "/agenda <message>".

You can use your unarrest stick to break people out of jail. The mob boss comes with a lockpick, but NOT a keypad cracker.

Gun Dealer

- Salary: $0
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: To deal guns to players
- Special Privileges: You are able to spawn gun shipments
- Spawns with: Nothing

Gun dealer is made to spawn and sell guns for profit. You should create a shop as gun dealer, and take peoples' orders for guns.

To spawn gun shipments, press F4, then go to entities/weapons. You can buy shipments there. You should then sell the guns for more than you bought them- and make a profit.

Here are the guns that the Gun Dealer can purchase in shipments:
Desert Eagle
Colt M1911 Pistol
Glock Pistol
M9 Pistol
M9 Pistol Supressed
Automatic Handgun
MP5 Sub Machine Gun
M4A1 Assault Rifle
Mac 11 Sub Machine Gun
M3 Shotgun
Famas Assault Rifle
M16A2 Assault Rifle
Remington 870 Shotgun
SG550 Assault Rifle


- Salary: $45
- Limit: 3
- Purpose: To heal hurt players
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: Medic Kit

The doctor job is simply for healing hurt players. Equip your medic kit, look at a player that is near you (within 3 feet), and hold down left click to heal. You may also use right click to heal yourself. It is possible to heal yourself and someone else at the same time by holding down both buttons.

It is suggested to create a shop with the doctor, and charge for heals. This is one way to make money.


- Salary: $85
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: To run the town and manage town events
- Special Privileges: You may start lockdowns and lotteries, and are given access to the Mayor's office. You may create custom laws for the town, and place law billboards.
- Spawns with: Unarrest Stick
- Resitriction: Trusted / Whitelist Job

This job is all about running the town. It is the most complicated job.

To start a lottery, type "/lottery <amount>". Inserting a number into amount will set how much it costs to enter the lottery. The winner of the lottery is chosen at random. The winner gets the pooled money of all those who entered.

To start a lockdown, type "/lockdown". This is helpful when crime is rampant on the streets or you need to get somewhere safely to stop a crime spree. During a lockdown, everyone must be inside their houses, besides the mayor and police force. You must give them time to get inside of their houses. Once you have given them a chance, if they are still not going to their houses, then the police force may arrest the people outside. To end the lockdown, type "/unlockdown".

As mayor, you will be the top dog when it comes to granting gun licenses and search warrants. Any gun licenses or search warrants requested will go straight to you for confirmation. A prompt will appear on the left side of your screen and you will select either 'Yes' or 'No'.

To place a billboard containing the laws, type "/placelaws". To add a new law to the custom laws, type "/addlaw <law>". All custom laws must follow server rules, and must not override any permanent laws. I.E., you may not make money printers legal, and you may not make RDM legal.


- Salary: $0
- Limit: 5
- Purpose: To be the town scum.
- Special Privileges: Build in public
- Spawns with: Bugbait

As a hobo, you are to be the dirt of the town. Use your bugbait to deficate on people's property, but be careful. Bugbaiting in public IS ARRESTABLE. As a hobo, you are also allowed to build a hobo home in public. However, it CANNOT be obstructive to public areas. Hobo homes must still follow all rules regarding fading doors.

Sniper Specialist

- Salary: $500
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: To kill the Mayor
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: UTG L96 AWP Sniper

As a Sniper Specialist is it your task to kill the Mayor. But most still follow all rules.

Supreme Police Force

- Salary: $2000
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: Protect the town with Cops
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: COLT M4A1, Arrest Batton

You're the real deal. Protect the town.

Ultimate Player

- Salary: $150000
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: You achieved level 99,
- Special Privileges: Is level 99 not enough,
- Spawns with: None

Big Boss.


- Salary: $300
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: None
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with Bianchi FA-6

A really hard juggernaut bloke.


- Salary: $0
- Limit: 3
- Purpose: To steal others' property / conduct raids
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: Lockpick ; Keypad Cracker

This job is for stealing others' stuff.

The lockpick can be used to break into locked normal doors. Normal doors are doors that you can press F2 on to own. Look at the normal door with your lockpick equipped and left click to lockpick the door.

The Keypad Cracker can be used to get through others' fading doors. Fading doors (if not being abused) are connected to a keypad. Find the Keypad near the fading door you are trying to break into, look at the keypad, and left click with the cracker equipped to crack into the door.

A raid is when you or several other people go to break into someone's home to steal their property (guns, printers, etc.). During raids, you MAY NOT say "I'm raiding!" then kill who you wish. All the rules for RDM still apply to the thief during raids.

Grim Reaper

- Salary: $6000
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: None
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: None

He really trying to take your Soul.

Drug Dealer

- Salary: $0
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: To deal drugs to the public
- Special Privileges: Spawn drug shipments
- Spawns with: Nothing

A drug dealer does the same thing as a Gun dealer and Black Market dealer, but with drugs. Consuming drugs causes different screen effects. Remember, drugs ARE ILLEGAL.

The drugs you can spawn are:

The drug dealer can also sell water, which cures drug effects.


- Salary: $130
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: To spawn health and armor to the public
- Special Privileges: Spawn Health/Armor
- Spawns with: None

A merchant does the same thing as a Gun dealer and Black Market dealer, but with health and armor.


- Salary: $0
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: To cause utter chaos.
- Special Privileges: Ability to kill anyone with a gun out on sight. Can warn and kill others with timed explosive / IED. View full ruleson the motd.
- Spawns with: Timed C4, Remoted detonated IED, AK47

As the terrorist, you are to simply cause chaos. Use your IED and C4 to kill other players,

Faction Guard

- Salary: 124
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: To protect the towns civilians. By being a guard for their base, Remember you can earn money on that
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: GLOCK 18

Protect the towns civilians and base by being guard for them.


- Salary: $5000
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: If noobs don't read the loading screen then it's up to you to help them.
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: None

If noobs don't read the loading screen then it's up to you to help them.

Counter-Terrorist Unit

- Salary: $333
- Limit: 2
- Purpose: You need to hold the town clean from all Terrorist
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: COLT M4A1

You must KOS all Terrorist. Last line off defence.


- Salary: $19500
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: You're are the holy one
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: None

You're are the holy one.!

Royal Family

- Salary: $330
- Limit: 5
- Purpose: To be a cocky prick
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: None

Royal you are


- Salary: $500
- Limit: 1
- Purpose: You're need to kill the cocky prick and the Royal Family
- Special Privileges: None
- Spawns with: Lockpick, UTG L96 AWP SNIPER,

You're need to kill the cocky prick and the Royal Family

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