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RoastymyToasty's application!

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RoastymyToasty's application!

Post by RoastymyToasty on Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:24 am

Steam&Ingame Name: My current Steam name is RoastymyToasty! I used to change pretty often, but I'll stay with this for sure.
Steam profile URL: steamcommunity/id/RoastmyToast/ (I had to remove some stuff so i can post it, but you probably know what's missing...)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:31875539
Age: I am currently 16! Yeah, I know. It's a bit low, but I assure you, I am not immature.

Gmod playtime: I have played Garry's Mod for about 746 hours total. Around 600 hours comes from PERP and DarkRP.

Donation amount: I've not donated! (Yet)
I've actually not played on the server for such a long time that I considered donating, but now that I'm sticking with the server, I might reconsider!

Why you want to be admin: Well, no offense, but I think some of your current staff is a bit too slow and makes a lot of bad decisions. I've even seen abusing! I won't name anyone.
So, me being the "hero" of myself, I decided to write this application! Also, i feel like the bigger person when someone tries to teach me wrong! ^^

Admin experience: Well, I've never really "tried" to become an admin before! I generally just play and enjoy the game. I have been a moderator/helper on a server before. But I don't think that counts, seeing as the owner was my friend and he didn't wanna make me feel bad. But I handled the job pretty nicely! I never got any complaints or anything like that. I was respected among those people.

What can you do to the server: I currently live in Sweden. And Sweden is in the GMT+1 Timezone! That means that I can keep the server safe from vandals and rule breakers at times where your current staff is at work or school! I can tell, because when I join around 17:00 around here, I have to wait a couple of hours for the staff to come on. People do all kinds of rule breaking when you guys are gone. They start spawning ridiculous dupes, (Oh please oh please disable advanced duping!) RDM, Propsurfing, Propphasing, all kinds of stuff! So if I where to be a staff, you wouldn't have to worry about your server while your working/studying!

Ehm, please not that I'm from Sweden, so my English isn't exactly perfect. Sooo, bear with me!

Thanks for reading my application!

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